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Major organ transplant

Date: May 2011


The undergoing as a recipient of a transplant of bone marrow or of a complete heart, kidney, liver, lung or pancreas, or inclusion on an official United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man waiting list for such a procedure.

For the above definition, the following is not covered:

  • transplant of any other organs, parts of organs, tissues or cells.

No change since April 2007


What does this mean?

Sometimes a major organ of the body (such as the liver) becomes so diseased that it fails and becomes life threatening. It may therefore be essential to replace it with a healthy organ.

For some rare illnesses, such as aplastic anaemia, a major organ transplant (in this case of the bone marrow) may be the only long-term cure available. It can take a long time to find the right donor organ, and the waiting list for such operations is often long. The claim will be met therefore upon acceptance onto an official United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man waiting list for the relevant transplant.

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